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The Cave

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  • Storytelling

Our manifesto

  • We want to keep Limburg creative /
    Let’s be honest the rest of Netherlands doesn’t really see us as an innovating and cultural part of the country. All they think about is our funny accent and vlaai. We think that needs to change, we believe there is so much more to Limburg than just that.
    We want to offer a platform for young talent to thrive here.


    By forming a creative hub, we can grow and show the rest of the country what we are made of.

  • We believe in our pack /
    The Wolv Kollektiv is a pack, it represents a family that works together; we represent a group of creative entrepreneurs. By brainstorming and working together on projects, ideas really evolve to the next level and we create innovative results. Whether it’s online or offline, the right pack member will rock your project. So in a nutshell, we believe in building and supporting a community. A strong community is good for business and personal growth, our pack-members are part of the family so are our clients.

  • We believe in authenticity and transparency /
    There are enough marketing and digital companies that promise you the world. We like to tell you as it is, offer you a good product what your company actually needs and we will help you to make your brand grow. We talk the talk and walk the walk by creating good vibes that people will remember. We create digital resources that helps your company tell its story regardless of size, budget and location. We are not the Wolves of Wall Street.

  • We believe in going offline to grow online /
    Going offline with you for a walk really helps to get a clearer view of where you and your company stand. You take the time to get to know each other on a personal and business level, since we would like to build a long-lasting relationship. Next to that we don’t believe in deadlines but in flowlines. I mean don’t get us wrong, we aren’t afraid to work hard but let’s be honest deadlines are not realistic. We believe that they break creative cycles …we want to make sure you don’t end up with a hype product but a timeless concept that lasts. Also good planning helps.

  • We believe the best way is to share and teach /
    By starting the Wolv Kollektiv we are also starting new ideas about running a business. Whats really important? Sharing, we believe that for each branch its important to have happy employees. By updating your office space, sharing food recipes, bringing nature inside the office or taking your whole company outside for different perspectives. We would like to share those ideas we have with you to make your company grow in a different way. As for the future generation, we would like to give them a peek into a possible future. Since making a decision about what you want to study can be super hard. We have all been there and we wished there where more workshops to show us what the possibilities are.That’s what we would like to teach.